Suddenly, It Appeared

Here it is, the first post on Artfully 3D! Let’s kick things off with a brainstorming session because it may take a while to get settled in. The motivation behind starting Artfully 3D is to create a reliable resource. A place to visit when you want to learn or be inspired. There are three primary pillars to the site that all revolve around digital 3D artwork creation: tutorials, the blog, and the gallery. 

Tutorials are the core of Artfully 3D. Through a combination of video walk-throughs and written guides the tutorials will cover the basics and progress up through advanced topics; everything from modeling, texturing, and lighting, to rigging and animation. Instruction will be split between software-independent skill building and program specific workflows. The initial software focus will be Autodesk Maya as the industry standard and Blender as the open-source alternative. 

The blog is here to assist the tutorials. Providing you with additional technical research, troubleshooting advice, and resources. We will mix it up once in a while and drop in an animation or game review, offer project planning tips, and maybe even a few philosophical thoughts on being a digital 3D artist.

If the blog isn’t enough inspiration on its own, then there is also the gallery. A collection of artwork from various artists curated to show you what is possible. With a focus on learning, it is important to us that each finished piece is accompanied with behind-the-scenes content. The process is just as important as the outcome.

There is a lot of content coming and starting from zero is hard. Looking behind the curtain of Artfully 3D, I am just one person. Which is why an important component to keeping the site fresh is inviting each of you to participate. Add your point of view to the blog with an interesting post, or work with me to organize a tutorial on a cool technique you use, and of course offer your own artwork to be part of the gallery. 

All of these things are just the beginning, there are so many ways to share with you. Just to throw out a few tag-along ideas: speed modeling demos, live work sessions, visual effects, portfolio building, environment design, story development, and compositing. I like to consider myself a generalist as I enjoy all sides of 3D, but then again I suppose technically I am an animator. But we can talk more about that later. 

The first post is the scary part right? At least we survived that!