Pinterest for Art

Visual research and reference collection are two important phases of ideation that take quite a long time. I used to flip through pages and pages of image search results hunting for the perfect profile view of a human face that matched my characters' proportions to use a reference. Generally I save my references while a project is active but once all is said-and-done the reference images rarely make the cut when it comes to archiving my work. If you found it online once you can find it online again later, right? Yes, but apparently it is easy forget exactly how long it took to find in the first place. 

Pinterest is a popular platform for DIY projects, home decor, recipes and the like which has stereotyped the site. It is an efficient way to curate images found online, and until recently, I did not realize that this is the solution to all my reference collection problems.

The main benefit for me has been the ability to save images that catch my eye as being potentially useful for future projects without actually downloading to my hard-drive. I am essentially building my own custom image library that is easy to organize and maintain. Pinterest uses the word board to refer to the different categories or topics you create. Here are some of the boards I have and how I apply them to 3D projects. 

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